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"Living Proof" Workshop

Dearest AXCO,
We've been invited to a workshop called GLBTQ Creative Expression Through Theatre Arts - i've been in contact with Erin (lady who made "Living Proof" with 12 other youths). The workshop will be on December 30th, 2004, from noon to 1pm, EST. Erin will be showing scenes from "Living Proof" at the workshop. She still needs to get back to me with the location, but i just wanted to see combien de personnes qui sont intereste (how many people are interested)? I also invited her to come back to our school to introduce herself to our new members, but i don't know if she actually will yet. For more info on "Living Proof", check out Pendulumdiaries.com.

Please post any comments you may have.
Yeah! or eh? - ANYTHING is helpful!

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