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Accept This!

Acceptance Coalition
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AxCo[Acceptance Coalition] was based mainly around the upstate New York area mostly around the surroundings cities of Syracuse, New York. This community was made as a project to help raise awareness in accepting people of every shape and form no whatever who they are.

Mission Statement:
This community is to let people know about events, social programs and other area happenings. This community is also designed to act as a forum for those who wish to further discuss social issues such as how we can stop homophobia and raise local and national awareness on this and many other topics.

We should state that acceptance doesn't mean you have to agree with everyone's point of views all or any the time. It does mean that you have to tolerate people who have different opinions than your own and that you accept them as fellow human beings.

Intolerance, Racism, Sexism and similar are all grounds for being banned from the community: you are free, however, to talk openly on your private journals which have no bearing on this community.

Moderator: killer_eyes